Monday, 31 January 2011

Look Mummy, I made a blog!

... and have spent three days in editing the background and fonts.  This is an important job.  This is a place where I can come and have some 'me' time (I really do dislike that expression) so I want to get the atmosphere just right.  I want it to be a cool hangout for you too, so let me know what you think of the decor.

I'm not setting out my manifesto here, other than the title, you'll get to know me soon enough and I'd rather let my posts speak for themselves.  I also apologise if I am a little sporadic in getting going, I have been the World's Busiest Lady recently and I've got plenty to keep me occupied until about the middle of May.  And as soon as I can after that I'm having a holiday!  You may also find I begin to write in iambic pentameter as I'm learning lines for a play in verse.

I have found time to go to the cinema three times this week and see 3 of the Oscar nominees -  it's been a few years since I last made a concerted effort to see as many of the films as possible but I've enjoyed it hugely, and an unexpected side effect has been seeing the films in relationship to one another, drawing connections, contrasts, seeing them as fragments of some massive uber-movie like the novels of David Mitchell.  After The King's Speech, Black Swan and 127 Hours, the three films seem to tell one story, about grappling with the very essence of ourselves, the part which is buried deepest and most personal; yet it seems in every case the ability to overcome is not drawn from within but from other people.  It's being loved that saves us, and perhaps giving love too.  On Saturday, after watching James Franco cut his arm off (actually, I watched his face while he cut his arm off; I'm a wimp like that) I wanted to give everyone I love a hug and tell them that they have all saved me, in their own way.  If there's something I learnt from them, it's that I'm one lucky Modesty.

And that the Dome Cinema in Worthing is awesome, in spite of people talking over the opening of Black Swan until I told them off.  For a wimp, I sometimes do quite un-wimpy things.


  1. Can I claim the honour of posting the first comment?

    I'd thoroughly recommend blogging, after nearly five years of doing it. You get to meet the nicest people (sometimes even in real life), discover books you'd never heard of and realise the full meaning of the phrase "the kindness of strangers".

  2. Look forward to reading more. I occasionally feel like I should start a blog, but I spend some time just trying to come up with a title, and then give up like a true surrender-monkey...

  3. Thanks for your support fellas! I can't promise to always (ever) be interesting but every now and then it might be worth reading!


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