Thursday, 10 February 2011

Saw this and thought of you...

I have been too busy being the World's Busiest Lady this week to write you a proper post - actually that's not true, I started an epic, introspective and probably dull draft last night that will probably take a good few months to complete.  In the meantime I have been inspired by my good chum Steerforth who posts about the treasures he finds during his very cool job, and I'd like to share this particularly outstanding book cover with you.  I think it might be my favourite of all time:
I don't think I could bear to read the book in case it just doesn't live up to the cover...


  1. It is a splendid cover. I particularly like the way the gun's suspended in mid-air, between the two cones. Is it self-published?

  2. Surprisingly not self published, it's Robert Hale. I have to say I imagine hardback, large print copies will be among the top loans in Worthing library on publication next month, they'll eat it up. I just think as a book cover, it says so much, it's hard to take it all in at once. Definitely stand up to repeat viewing.

  3. I'm anti-gun and pro 99 cones. This cover divides me.

  4. Robert Hale? That explains everything.

    They used to be really big once, judging by the number of books I come across every day, but by the time I started in bookselling they were clearly on the way out.

    I can't believe they've managed to survive this long!


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