Monday, 14 March 2011

The Blog I Didn't Write

When I set this up it was my goal to blog at least once a week, but I hadn't banked on having weeks like this.  It hasn't exactly been a bad week, in some ways it's been quite a pleasant week.  All the same, nothing's quite gone according to plan.

It started with The Play I Didn't Do.  It's been a while since I was on stage and over the past few months I've been putting together a two-person show which was supposed to be on last week, but, erm, it wasn't.  In many ways it's a relief because I was kind of terrified, but its also disappointing, sad and frustrating.  Hopefully it's a postponement and if I get it on again you'll be the first to know.  Actually, you won't, you'll be some way down the list behind the rest of the company, the venue, the rights agents and anyone I happen to talk to before I get chance to blog about it. 

So not doing the play gave me a bit more free time, great, I would get to my dance class at least.  So next there was the Dance Class I Didn't Go To.  My dancing buddy and I hopped in the car for the 15 minute journey along the coast.  Only half an hour into the journey, we'd travelled approximately two miles.  We'd already missed ten minutes of our class.  So I took her home and made it to The Moviebar I Did Go To - this was a fun night and I greatly enjoyed being quiz master of the Quiz I Hadn't Written, athough I did have to refer to Rosario Dawson as 'delightful', but it could have been worse (this was the Moviebar our regular quizmaster Didn't Go To, maybe our schedules got mixed up somewhere).  If you live near Brighton and you've never been to Moviebar, check it out.

On Thursday I had the day off work and was planning a shopping trip before a rehearsal for another play I am stage managing for.  Only by then I was so used to things not going according to plan I made this the Shopping Trip I Didn't Go On by dillydallying and then the bus broke down so I just had time for a quick coffee with a friend.  That night there was The Other Dance Class I Didn't Go To because my car was unhappy - possibly with the idea I might end up going somewhere for a change.

On Saturday I Didn't Have Lunch With a Friend, after I got to work to discover that what I thought was going to be a short-staffed day would actually be barely-staffed-at-all day, and in the scramble to give everyone a lunchbreak I'd completely forgotten I had plans for mine.  Or perhaps by this point I was subconsciously sabotaging my own plans. 

On Sunday night the Writer and I Didn't Watch a Film, specifically Notes on a Scandal which we got maybe 40 minutes into only for the massive crack on the disc we had noticed but tried to ignore proved itself beyond ignoring.  We watched Fanboys instead, which was a more fun film than Notes on a Scandal, at least.  FYI, does NOT pass the Bechdal Test.  Not only that, it is possibly the most sexist, degrading film I have seen in the past year - to men as well as women (although surprise, surprise, the girls come off worse).  But don't let that stop you, it had some funny moments and nice cameos. 

And then today I Didn't Have The Day Off when I went in for a couple of hours this morning.  Tomorrow I Am Not Having Drinks With My Ex-Boss who has flu.  Throughout all this I have Not Been Reading Wolf Hall because despite it weighing down my handbag I have been distracted by Eve Zaremba's Work for a Million which I found on a secondhand bookstall - I'm a sucker for any crime fiction which looks remotely dated, to almost any period, and for female PIs, so this was a fabulous double whammy.  Then today when I intended to pick up Wolf Hall again I bumped into a friend at the station and spent the train journey catching up with him instead of reading.

I would say I'm off to bed now but I don't want to jinx it...


  1. Well you're more efficient than me; I'd like to call this The Week I Didn't Eat Ice Cream, but since that's pretty much all I did it would be a gigantic truth-fail. I've been supposed to have developed a new plan for no budget movie production (fyi, that's what I mentioned to Chris about talking of in near future, still plan to next time I see you guys), as part of getting back into something useful, becoming an organised productive person, but instead I disproved it by sitting around the house watching almost all of Prison Break and, ahem, eating mooshed icecream with grated muffin.

    On other note, Notes on a Scandal. See what I did there?! :P Sorry, ignore me there...

    I had to rewatch it month or so ago for Script Factory course, along with Shawn of the Dead and Red Road. Not really into Notes/Scandal cos those melodramatic stories about woman either being self obsessed despicable cheaters, or self obsessed and delusional nutters doesn't really engage me much. Though the Dame is worth it. Have not a downloaded version if you want it? xxx

  2. Cool, thanks Hels, that would be good. Otherwise it could be ages before Tesco/Lovefilm send me another one.

    Prison Break + icecream sounds like a fulfilling week to me... but I am all ears about no budget film making, sounds interesting. I think Chris has something up his sleeve he thought you and Ant might want to get involved in too, so you soon might be longing for those ice-cream days!

  3. This whole post reminds me of a planes navigation system. Planes are programmed to fly straight from A to B but veer of course constantly. It might seem like they fly in a straight line but they actually fly a zig-zag path.

    Life is very much the same. That's why I make plans & to-do lists in pencil. The universe always has other plans.......


  4. Sammy, I didn't know that about planes. although I'm not even sure I've got a course to veer off anymore! I'm hoping things are going to calm down shortly.


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